RF Communication

RF1Wireless technologies include Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11 – Wi-Fi, WiMax, IEEE 802.15.4, Zigbee and more. Each is growing in recent years, and each finding its own market.

Zone Technologies uses wireless communication for vehicle management. To achieve this, each vehicle is equipped with a transceiver with integrated PCB antenna that can communicate with the MiWi protocol. The transceiver uses the IEEE 802.15.4 ™ -2003 technology standard for communication. It provides two physical controllers (PHY), one for the low frequency bands of 915 MHz (USA) and the other for 2.4 GHz (International). This technology provides several advantages in developing applications with low power and low cost.

Topology privileged by Zone Technologies is the star topology: Modules are not linked together, but communicate only with its coordinator (master module). This limited disclosure is necessary to guarantee the other main features of the module. Another limitation from the star topology is that it can cover only the area covered by the coordinator module. Therefore, to extend the coverage area of the network we add repeaters that form a bridge between the master module and the modules installed in each vehicle.

RF2RF technology is used at Zone Technologies to allow us to download different parameters of the vehicle during its journey outside the area covered by the network without having the user to connect to a computer. It is therefore possible to accumulate and organize data from multiple vehicles without effort.

Minh Ha Nguyen, PhD
Project Manager