François and Yvon handed over the baton to Mathias Bordage


After 23 years, Zone Technologies has become one of the Canadian leaders in-vehicle emergency, service, and safety technologies for all types of vehicles.

François Otis and Yvon Dupuis, founders of this Quebec company, have worked intensely to create a Quebec flagship in the sector of vehicle planning and management of services and emergencies. They decided it was time to pass the torch now.

On November 30, 2020, in a spirit of continuity, François and Yvon handed over the baton to Mathias Bordage.

Mathias has a strong entrepreneurial spirit; having managed an agricultural distribution company for 5 years and having previously held several positions in the export sector. Its objective is to continue the work of François and Yvon by sustaining and developing the business.

He intends to rely on the experience and know-how of the team in place and can also count on François and Yvon to ensure a smooth transition.

Of course, the entire current team remains in place and Zone Technologies is actively looking for installers to support the growing demand for its products and services.

Mathias intends to rely on the key values ​​which have enabled Zone Technologie to develop:

  • Offer quality products that exceed the standards of our customers.
  • Provide a service to our customers that exceeds expectations while responding to each request with honesty and reliability.
  • Establish long-term trust relationships.
  • The development of products that increase the performance of current equipment while allowing customers to save money.

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